Why Join METDA?

We believe technology directors have one of the most important jobs in a school district but we find it challenging to be informed on all of the various areas under our charge.

By joining the METDA, you will become part of a Maine-based team of professionals who can offer suggestions and ideas for issues you are having. Here are some of the ways we help each other:

  • 24/7 access to a Google group where you can ask other tech directors questions in a private discussion group.

  • Monthly meetings where members join together to discuss issues affecting our schools, interact with Maine Department of Education (MDOE) personnel from different departments (such as MLTI or NEO), or hear vendor presentations on new devices or software packages.

  • METDA representation with MDOE initiatives where we can have a voice in how technology initiatives are implemented and funded.

  • Professional Development offerings provided for members at little to no cost (such as having two four-hour sessions on Google Administration for members and their co-workers at no additional cost in 2021-2022).

  • Vendor events where we invite vendors to a common location to set up booths, and then invite school leaders to view the vendor presentations at minimal cost.

All of this, and more, for only $100 a year!