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9:15-10:00 Opening Remarks/Panel

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10:45 - 11:45 Learning Sessions 1*

11:30-12:30 Lunch & Educational Element

12:45-1:45 Learning Sessions 2*

1:45-2:45 Learning Sessions 3*

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4:00 Social Networking Event at Little Tap House

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*Sessions are subject to change. Please check our online schedule below for the most up-to-date schedule.


The Physical Security Showcase is the premier event in New England event with a singular focus - making our schools as safe as possible. 

Hosted at the Holiday Inn by the Bay, in beautiful downtown Portland on Thursday March 23rd, 2023 this in person exposition will feature interactive and  educational demonstrations of products and services, as well as learning sessions on the shared issues of physical security.

Attendees will be influencers and decision makers from around the state of Maine schools.  The target audience of technology directors, facilities managers, school resource officers and finance directors will be connected to solutions providers, value added resellers and manufacturers.

This novel event will have multiple break out sessions, panel discussions, a featured  speaker and a spacious expo floor.

Please return for descriptions for each session as we consider and accept proposals.

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Morning Panel - 9:30-10:00

Casco Bay Exhibition Hall Main Stage

Government Agencies - How They Can Help Schools


Melissa Condon - School Emergency Management Coordinator, Maine School Safety Center

Robert Susi - Coordinator of School Safety and Security, Maine School Safety Center

Thomas "TJ" Swenson Jr., LP.D., Protective Security Advisor (PSA) - Maine, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Join us for this panel discussion with government officials from the State of Maine as well as the Federal Government.  They will discuss the variety of options that their organizations can offer Maine Schools when it comes to securing their campuses.

Session 1 - 10:45-11:45

Cumberland Room - Enhancing Security System Design using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Discover the latest in AI camera technology and how it can be leveraged as a force-multiplier for end-users

-Tyler Devoe and Brice Greenleaf, A3 Communications

Kennebec Room - The Role of Technology in Securing Your Schools

Protecting every child, every school, every day requires an ecosystem of school safety and security tools. This session looks at technology that supports school safety, touching on topics including emergency management, visitor and volunteer management, and student wellbeing. 

-Luis Leon, Raptor Technologies

Somerset Room - Protecting Our Schools: CISA’s No Cost Physical Security and Cybersecurity Support to K-12 Schools

In this session, Dr. Swenson will provide an overview of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA’s) no cost, non-regulatory, non-enforcement physical and cybersecurity support to K-12 schools. Dr. Swenson will provide an overview of CISA’s K-12 Resources, including the Security Self-Assessment Tool (SSAT), K-12 Security Guide, and Active Assailant Preparedness Program, as well as evidence-based best practices for K-12 physical security and how to request no cost security, risk, and vulnerability assessments on facilities.

-Dr. Thomas “T.J.” Swenson Jr., Protective Security Advisor (PSA), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Lincoln Room - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

What is CPTED?

Natural Surveillance

Access Control

Territoriality and Maintenance

Reducing Targeting Indicators

Completing physical security assessments

-Lieutenant, Jeffrey A. Upton, South Berwick Police Department

Oxford Room - Reactive to Proactive: Getting Your Video Surveillance System Working For You

In this event, we will discuss a few available technologies that can detect and deter unwanted behavior, without human intervention.

-Tyler Leavitt, Canfield Systems, Inc.

York Room - Introduction to School Emergency Management

This presentation introduces attendees to the fundamental terminology and components of school emergency management and the disaster cycle. This presentation highlights the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach and collaborative efforts between internal and external stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive, whole community, inclusive, and equitable approach to school emergency planning.

-Melissa Condon, School Emergency Management Coordinator, Maine School Safety Center, MeDOE

Casco Bay Exhibition Hall (Main Stage) - School Safety and Compliance

This session will cover tips to keep students safe and campuses secure. We will also cover compliance information for CCTV systems in schools. 

-Richard Strout and Roscoe Grant, Johnson Controls

Session 2 - 12:45-1:45

Cumberland Room - Safety and Security powered by Unified Technology

Safety and security are always top of mind, but they take more work to achieve. Technology is at the center of any solution, but choices feel endless. Learn how local schools have modernized their communication platforms and secured their buildings with a unified experience across all devices — cameras, sensors, phones, paging, digital signs, and collaboration tools.

-Eric Butash, ePlus Technology

Kennebec Room - Incident Detection, Response & Mitigation

The session will describe and demonstrate how a properly designed Network Infrastructure can be “coupled” (through integration) with Physical Security Tools to instantly identify potential physical security threats like a Gunshot, Scream, or Broken glass, etc.; to Locate, Identify, and Isolate the potential threat; Instantly building an appropriate internal or external mitigating response team through several layers of communications and access to a central portal. The solution utilizes AI and IoT technologies to tie incident detection with camera, motion, or other environmental sensors. The centerpiece is the Amberbox incident detection platform which currently is integrated with Aruba HPE Wireless Access Points and network infrastructure  

VoDaVi and Aruba will demonstrate how this works using guest audience participants.

-Jason Cote, Aruba and Greg Earley, VoDaVi Technologies

Somerset Room - Workshop:  CISA Tools in Action

Join Dr. Swenson in creating a tangible lauch of improving your District's physical security positioning.  This is an opportunity to work with Dr. Swenson, and other attendees, to begin work on one or more CISA tools to bring back to your District to be a primer to your security focus.

-Dr. Thomas “T.J.” Swenson Jr., Protective Security Advisor (PSA), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Lincoln Room - How Cape Elizabeth School District Simplifies Security Across Campus

Join  Jason Lund, Network and Systems Manager at Cape Elizabeth School District, to learn how he implemented a proactive security solution for their campus and community which enables the team to increase efficiency with:

-Jason Lund, Cape Elizabeth School Department and Colton Lacovara, Verkada

Oxford Room - Manage & Detect Threats Before They Become A Breach

In under an hour, you will … 

We will discuss Cybersecurity as a whole, Business Continuity, Endpoint Security (Monitoring and Detection), IT Planning, and other general topics around cybersecurity program building. 

-Sam Hamilton, Tyler Technologies

York Room - Are You Ready for Reunification?

If your district is like most, you have a “reunification plan” in a binder sitting on a shelf. But when it’s time to reunify your students with their parents and guardians, you need more than a binder, you need a team of people who know what’s involved, what their role is, a facility that is big enough, and a means to manage the chain of custody for your students until they are reunified. Parents and guardians want their children back as quickly as possible – emotions run high. In this session we’ll talk about the components of recovery and reunification!

-Erik Endress, Share911

Casco Bay Exhibition Hall (Main Stage) - School Resource Officer Roundtable

Come join us for a discussion about all things related to being a School Resource Officer.

-Lieutenant, Jeffrey A. Upton, South Berwick Police Department and Chuck Reese, School Resource Officer Bath

Lunch Panel - 12:00-12:30

Casco Bay Exhibition Hall Main Stage

School Active Shooter Hoax Calls - Lessons Learned


Chief Craig Andersen - Sanford Police Department

Matt Nelson - Superintendent of Schools, Sanford School Department

In mid-November, more than 10 Maine schools went into lockdown after an unidentified male caller claimed to be a teacher and reported an active shooter was on the loose and had already shot five students. Later, the calls were found to be a hoax – one that has since spread across the country to other districts in other states. Sanford was the first community in Maine to receive the call, which sent emergency responders, law enforcement and school officials into activating response plans and procedures. Please join us at this timely and informative session to hear directly from the Sanford Superintendent of Schools and the Sanford Police Chief what happened from start to finish, what emergency plans and procedures were activated, what they feel went well and what they might do differently in the future. This session is intended to provide attendees with tips, tactics, and advice to use should the unimaginable actually happen in our state.

Session 3 - 1:45-2:45

Cumberland Room - Life Cycle Management and Funding Sources

Join industry veterans to discuss security equipment life cycle management and where and how to procure funding to ensure your solution stays up-to-date to address current and future security and protection needs. 

-Tom Welham, Allied Universal Director of Sales and Matt Gagnon, Axis National Account Manager

Kennebec Room - Smart Teaching with Intelligent Classrooms

The future of learning is here, and digital transformation and sustainability are critical and strategic objectives. Schools can accelerate their digital transformation with new IoT technologies via a comprehensive cloud-based platform.

Cisco Meraki offers innovative solutions to build better, smarter, and safer spaces for schools everywhere. Our cloud-driven platform unites networking, IoT, and AI, creating integrated and sustainable classrooms.

Join us to hear the benefits of cloud technology and how-with the help of automation and analytics-you can transform any place into an intelligent, safe, and sustainable smart space.

-Josh Kim, Cisco Meraki

Somerset Room - How to Obtain Funding for School Security and the Pitfalls to Avoid

We have all seen tragic events unfold on school campuses across the country from Columbine to Sandyhook, Parkland to Uvalde. Sadly, no community is immune to the threat and we know we must prepare our students, staff and schools for the unthinkable. But… where to begin? Who do you include? How do you craft a plan? Where do you best spend limited funds?

This session will provide free resources on developing a security management plan and some of the common pitfalls to avoid. Attendees will walk away with free resources that are recommended by the National School Safety Clearinghouse to conduct building assessments and prioritize projects to create a safer environment.

-Kevin Wren, PassK12

Lincoln Room - A candid conversation with Bangor School Department: The Importance of Campus-Wide Rapid Response Technology

A focused discussion covering the critical importance of rapid response technology on the modern day school campus.  Featuring a one on one conversation with the Bangor School Department staff highlighting the importance of implementing  a rapid response CrisisAlert Technology that accurately addresses emergencies from the lowest levels to the extreme on a school campus.  

-Jeff Downs-Founder of CheckMate Safety Solutions and Ryan Baswell-Regional VP Centegix

Oxford Room - Manage & Detect Threats Before They Become A Breach

In under an hour, you will … 

We will discuss Cybersecurity as a whole, Business Continuity, Endpoint Security (Monitoring and Detection), IT Planning, and other general topics around cybersecurity program building. 

-Sam Hamilton, Tyler Technologies

York Room - Pedagogy meets Safety - Being Heard & Being Safe!   

Today's classroom environment is about incorporating core educational principles with cutting-edge technology that keeps all students and staff safe anywhere in or outside the school. That is what this session provides. Keys elements and ideas on tech design, including networked classroom audio, visual alerts, IP & Hybrid Paging and Intercom systems and types of techs, and powerful phone apps. Please join us to discuss safety standards and ideas to help everyday pedagogy and safety!

-Scott Harken and Todd Eddy, Bluum

Casco Bay Exhibition Hall (Main Stage) - How to Secure a Grant for Your Safety and Security Program

During this session, Dominic Sorrentino of Motorola Solutions will discuss state, federal, and private foundation grant programs available for Maine's public K-12 school districts. Additionally, how to organize and prepare to submit a grant application and services offered to help school administrators prepare grant applications will be covered.      

-Dominic Sorrentino, Motorola Solutions

Thank You to our Vendor Partners